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Towar z kategorii OUTLET.Tytuł może zawierać następujące uszkodzenia:- uszkodzoną, porysowaną, pogiętą okładkę,- zagięcia, zżółknięcia stron,- brakujące dodatki (np. płyty, art. papiernicze, naklejki) itp.- brakujące baterie, popsute elementy dźwiękowe.Towar z tej kategorii nie podlega wymianie na towar pełnowartościowy.Ilość egz. ograniczona. In this intriguing book, the historical events that took place in a period comprising one and a half centuries are shown on a year-by-year timeline and documented by spectacular and amazing images charges with emotion. Starting with the year 1850, bliss and dread, rises and falls, achievements and crimes, war and peace, royal and civil life are illustrated by means of photographs, paintings. And drawings. An epic visual journey presented by Encyclopedia Britannica and Getty Images.

After being sworn in as a United States citizen in 1946, Capa in 1947 joined with the photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and David ("Chim") Seymour to found >Magnum Photos<, the first cooperative agency of international freelance... See more of History of the World in Photographs on Facebook. These rare historical photographs were taken from 1873 to 1877 and are part of Street Life in London, a book that was one of the first examples of These minors were… A photographic album of Polish pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain, 1940-1943. By the outbreak of the Second World War... This is a list of photographs considered the most important in surveys where authoritative sources review the history of the medium not limited by time period, genre, topic, or other specific criteria. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.

These historical photos communicate how huge the Baby Boom was. The end of World War II brought with it a whole heap of... Models in the suburbs, 1970 Photograph: Joana Biarnés/Photographic Social Vision.