[OUTLET] Teach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese

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Sarah Carroll
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Towar z kategorii OUTLET.Tytuł może zawierać następujące uszkodzenia:- uszkodzoną, porysowaną, pogiętą okładkę,- zagięcia, zżółknięcia stron,- brakujące dodatki (np. płyty, art. papiernicze, naklejki) itp.- brakujące baterie, popsute elementy dźwiękowe.Towar z tej kategorii nie podlega wymianie na towar pełnowartościowy.Ilość egz. ograniczona. Business Mandarin Chinese is a three-hour all-audio straightforward course that will help you to acquire essential up-to-date business language. You can use the course at any time - to dip into in the office or as a refresher before travelling to a meeting. Through realistic conversations and authentic material, the Business Zones will give you all the specialist terms you need for your role or your project. The CDs come with a booklet containing the transcript of the recorded material as well as a glossary listing all the vocabulary from the course. The accompanying culture book will give you tips on etiquette and business culture so you will never be stuck for something to talk about or worry about committing blunders. Contents: 3x audio CDs, 96-page audio transcripts and vocabulary booklet, 144-page culture book.

W naszej ofercie znajdziesz tysiące książek, e-booków, audiobooków, płyt z muzyką, filmów DVD i Blu-Ray, gry i zabawki oraz artykuły papiernicze. Chinese, in one form or another, is spoken by more people around the globe than any other language and China is now starting to claim a major role for itself... Teaching yourself Chinese can be done in 5 steps and the requirements are time, power of will, resourcefulness and, at some point, an individual who knows Chinese to help you along the way with conversation. This guide will give you the method and some resources. A review of the 2003 "Teach Yourself: Mandarin Chinese" course. Teach Yourself Mandarin Chinese Complete Course : reading, writing, basic vocabulary, grammar, examples, exercices.

Book & CD Pack. UK: RRP: £35.00 ISBN: 9780340929728 ISBN-10: 0340929723.