Chronicles of Terror. Vol.2

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The present volume contains accounts presenting the events that unfolded in the Wola district of Warsaw in August 1944. According to various estimates, the number of people murdered at the time ranged from 25,000 to as many as 60,000, among whom were thousands of women, children and the elderly. The book contains the testimonies of both those who “survived their own death”, being wounded in mass executions, and of the helpless witnesses, who could only observe the murders of others ? in many instances those of their own family members. The contents are supplemented with depositions given by witnesses who saw how the Germans tried to obliterate the traces of their crime, which according to some researchers satisfies the criteria of genocide.

These soldiers went on to join Anders' Army and noted their experiences in questionnaires prepared by the Military Historical Bureau in the Middle East in 1943. The accounts are a ... In the "Chronicles of Terror" series we publish testimonies of specific individuals - victims and witnesses of two totalitarianisms.

Laeloria, Grahtwood Ehtelar awoke in darkness, faint rivulets of falling sand powdering her brow. Memories of her short battle in the ruins above flashed through her mind.